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Programs & Admissions

Piano Class

Private Lessons

Students learn the instruments of their choice with a professional teacher. There are 3 options for private lessons: 30 mins - 45 mins - 60 mins.

Enrollment is open throughout the year; however, in order to participate in the school recital, student must be enrolled, no later than October 1st for the fall semester, Feb 1st for the spring semester, or June 1st for the summer semester.

Instruments we teach: Piano - Voice - Drums - Electric Guitar - Acoustic Guitar - Bass Guitar - Violin - Cello - Ukulele.


In - Person


30 mins

45 mins

60 mins







Per Lesson

Latin Band with Drums

Ensemble Groups

In the ensemble groups sessions, student musicians learn how to play as part of a band or a musical group under the supervision of one of our professional musicians.

You can apply as an existing band seeking professional training on how to get the best sound out of your group. You can also apply as a musician who is seeking to join other members and create a band. You will get to know other musicians of similar age and play music in mutual genres. 

Tuition: $20/hour per person. Minimum 2 musicians per session. 

Music Sheets

Music Theory & Solfege

Music theory and solfege lessons are very vital for students, as they learn the musical rules and terms that help them play in their instrument classes. They also learn solfege which is known by ear training. Solfege is crucial for students to train their ears and understand melody and harmony. Solfege is important for sight reading, sight sining and rhythm understanding. 

Music theory and Solfege make our musicians stronger and raise their musical understanding and abilities.

Tuition: $20/one hour lesson (virtual or in person). Students who are already enrolled in private lessons will receive 25% discount on MTS lessons. 

People In Discussion



We mean it when we say we are here for you and for your questions. This service is a 15 mins consultation with you to answer any questions regarding your music passion or discuss how to explore your talents. 

Book a consultation appointment today if you feel lost or confused and we will guide you on where to start your music journey.

Tuition:15 mins consultation sessions are FREE. (in person or virtual)

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